A recent study published in 2013 found that 50% of the American population has some degree of periodontal disease of varying severity.
The goal of periodontal therapy is to control and stabilize your condition. Although treatment is very efficient, your rigorous oral hygiene, as well as frequent visits at your dentist and periodontist are essential to optimize the success of your therapy. Periodontal therapy will reduce the bacterial load, reduce inflammation, and stop the progression of bone loss. However, don't forget that if you have already developed a periodontal infection in the past, it's also because you have a susceptibility to this type of condition. This fragility remains even after therapy, which reiterates the importance of frequent cleanings and visits, commonly called periodontal maintenance.
Gingival recessions (receding gums) have multiple causes. First, a person who has genetically very thin gums is more at risk to have gingival recessions. A vigorous brushing technique with a medium-to-hard bristle toothbrush can also cause the gums to recede. Finally, the position of certain teeth in the arch (teeth that are more outwards), and the presence of piercings are also contributing factors.
Within reason, you will be able to return to work the day after treatment. However, it is very important to follow the recommendations given to you by your periodontist to assist you in your healing process. In regard to physical activity, a 48 to 72 hour cessation is strongly recommended after surgery.
The costs of periodontal treatment at the PURE PARODONTISTES clinic are based on the fee guide of the Federation of Dental Specialists of Quebec. During your consultation, you will receive an estimate form with the costs of the treatments suggested to you. This form is standard and recognized by all insurance companies allowing you to verify your insurance coverage. Your insurer will then be able to inform you of your reimbursement eligibility for periodontal treatments provided by a periodontist.
Treatment costs must be paid in full by the patient at the time of their appointment and an insurance form will be provided on the same day so that the patient can receive a reimbursement. Most periodontal treatments are covered by dental insurance companies. Coverage varies from one insurance company to another. On average, you can expect coverage ranging from 50-80%. However, it should be noted that some insurance companies will reimburse you based solely on the costs of “General Dentists of Quebec fee guide”, a pricing guide different from that used by periodontists in Quebec who are required to use the fee guide of the “Federation of Dental Specialists of Quebec”.